Before starting your building project

We hope our services will help you along with your project.

Many contractors want to do the whole job or not at all. We feel that you are able to do it yourself with a little help. There are many things that contractors don’t tell you about before start(ing) your remodel or addition. I want to tell you about some things I have learned over the years that may help you get started down a smooth road:

1) Be sure about what you want:

Remodeling your home is a test of your marriage. It’s not so rough if you and your spouse are in agreement. Things in your life will be a little uncomfortable for awhile, but it’s always worth it.

2) Permit fees and taxes:

Most of the time these are not included in the bids and can range from $500 – $25,000. Check with your city planner before starting your project. Also find out what your city building codes will allow (i.e. – set backs and height limits).

3) Talk to an architect or draftsman to see how much your plans will cost:

These costs will vary a lot. Draftsman are not as expensive as architects. However, if you can use a draftsman you to know exactly what you want, while an architect can help you design what you’re looking for. An architect usually has and engineer he works with. Any engineering expense in additional cost. Most single story additions don’t require the services of an engineer, however most two story additions do.


Your local utilities (i.e. – gas, electric and water) and other underground work will need to be located and possibly moved. If these utilities need to move your power or gas line this will cost above and beyond what you expected. Most of the time they need a fee just to evaluate the job, then they charge you for the work that needs to be done. Don’t be surprised (this is also not in most bids).

5) Landscaping and your land:

Most bids don’t include repairing your yard due to the fact that they need access to your house to do the work; however they should try not to do much damage.

We hope these notes help you as a home owner to know what to expect from doing your own project. These comments are not meant to make you fearful, just to advice to help you make wise decisions (everybody has to go through most of the same steps).

We pray blessings and grace be on your and your families.

Thank you –

Jay Dynes